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A revised review of Diary of a Lonely Demon
I’ve deleted my original review of this book for a number of reasons. Firstly it was rather sugar coated and didn’t really cover the issues, of which there are many. Lastly I was still friends with the writer; one should never review a friend’s work.
However since I’m no longer in his good books, I can actually be a bit more truthful about his writing. I’ll admit before reading his work I did white-knight him; at the time Jon was someone I thought I could talk to about writing. None of my friends were really into writing and I was kind of gullible. If I’d bothered to read his Livejounral or Facebook page I would have known better. Bottom-line I made a twat out of myself defending someone who…didn’t deserve and shouldn’t have needed it.
His book is called The Trilogy of Morgalla: Diary of a Lonely Demon. The plot is basically a demonic woman falling in love with human man, and then demons show up. It has the same problem as Twilight
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Thoughts on Videogames and Women
Videogames have a lot of issues, especially in terms of representation. They don’t really give anyone a good image, unless they are macho men who have a limited range of emotions. That or smug assholes with a limited range of emotions, and too much mouth to be alive.
And the female of the species really do pull a short straw here. Female leads are very rare even in this day and age, so they are often background characters. Admittedly there’s a bunch of games where you can choose your characters gender, but they are still outnumbered by those where you don’t.
As background characters then often get more passive parts, they’re not frontline fighters very often. The game Dishonored is a good example of this problem, most of the woman we see aren’t actively involved in the conflict. Some of them have power, but it’s not used in the grand scheme of things when it could be. What if you had the help of the brothel owner when dealing with the twins?
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Thoughts On Strong Female Characters
This is once again a loaded subject. It is mostly because of how subjective the topic is; after all we don’t have a definition of a ‘Strong Female Character’. There are just ideas of what these characters should be, but none of them are right…okay maybe a few of them are.
First and foremost is that she needs to have agency. You cannot have a character that is merely dragged from place-to-place, they need to make choices. This applies to any key character really and there’s a good reason; they type of person who allows themselves be swept along is rarely interesting. She has to have a reason to carry on, even if it’s as simple as getting sword or something.
If she starts off with no reason, give her one and raise the stakes. Chihiro from Spirited Away was swept up into a strange world, but also had a reason to stay. She needed to save her parents and was also under a spell of sorts, it wasn’t a simple ‘just because’. The audience co
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Thoughts on Dark Souls: The Firstborn Son
In Dark Souls there is a massive question mark hanging over the identity of Gwyn’s firstborn son. We know he was the war god and lost the annals, therefore leading to the loss of his status as a deity. But from here we’re left in the dark and have a few obvious candidates for firstborn, if he is indeed in-game.
The most obvious of these happens to be Solaire, who is found just before the bridge with the Wyvern on it. He’ll give you the white soapstone and can be summoned to help out in a number of boss fights, even the final one if he lives that long. He is an all-round good guy who’s a little strange, and also thinks you may have feelings for him.
His strangeness is part of what supports him being the firstborn, due to an obsession with the sun. He states ‘I want to find my own sun’ and describes it as being ‘a magnificent father’, which might as well be dropping anvils on our heads. Also all of his armour states that it’s no encha
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Thoughts On....Tropes vs. Women 2
In my last piece I was criticising the new web series by Anita. However I did say it had potential and if she does more research, her series will be more interesting. I still stand by that and despite my scepticism of her motives; I think the negative reactions are overblown.
Don’t get me wrong there are some well-reasoned responses, but the way people are reacting is out of proportion. I’ll admit my own piece on this was part of the knee-jerk response to anything linked to Feminist Frequency; I have little room to talk. I did say my opinion of her is not very high and doubted she didn’t know what she was getting into, which might be unfair. But if she did post something on 4chan or alike, I would think she’d have to know what she’s doing.
The video didn’t say anything new and could have easily been made, most of her information can be found on Wikipedia. But it was well presented and she didn’t seem nearly as annoying as she was in previous vi
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Thoughts on...Tropes vs. Women
Hello and welcome to my first ‘Thoughts on’, a thing where I try to dissect various things. I’ll be looking at videogames, books and alike, turning my eyes to a subject and coming up with theories about it. Or in some cases talking about them and giving an opinion
Today I’ll be looking at Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Now my opinion on the creator of this series is not very high, for a number of reasons. I watched a few of her previous videos and read her thesis, both of which showed a woman who doesn’t really think outside the box.
In her paper she listed off feminine and masculine traits, without really explaining why they are designated to those genders. In her mind a woman can’t have strong leadership skills without acting as a man, which is just plain stupid. However I will applaud the fact that she has gotten herself a great deal of PR, by targeting what she knows is an easy to piss-off audience. She has made herself out to be a victim of so
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Ghost Words
Carried by the howling winds,
Brought from very far away,
Both whispers and screams
Words of anger and betrayal,
Words of longing and love,
From the tender lips of death
Last wills of soul departed,
Final figments from beyond,
That may fall upon deaf ears
These last rites of the dead,
Blow in from lands long gone,
Ghost words spoken to the living
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Not so Fairytale
And so you've left the path,
Where your mother cannot find you,
And you might bite from the apple,
Handed to you by the old crone
But there is no woodsman,
To cut open the wolf,
Nor a prince in shining armour,
To wake you from sleep
Instead I give you a sword,
So these beasts may not harm you.
Instead I give you the knowledge,
To you make much wiser
For this world we live in,
Is full for tricks and traps,
But you must be the one,
To solve all these riddles
So lift your sword up high,
And lay waste to those monsters,
And use your wits well,
To dispel the fog of dreams
For this is no fairy-tale,
But it is your story,
Where you must be the hero,
And forge your own path
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Man and Machine
Prefect face and prefect skin,
But lacking a living thing,
Not quite human nor machine,
But something lying in-between
Mankind has been built anew,
Flesh and metal no longer two,
But merged into a single being,
Vast knowledge lacking feeling
And we see what we have done,
Questioning what we have become,
And too late we do ponder,
Breaking free from awe and wonder
We were caught in electric sleep,
And walked onward like sheep,
Erasing everything that we are,
Creating humankind's cure
Now we look in broken mirrors,
And are frightened by what is seen,
No longer do we mortals stand,
In place there are machines
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The Rants: Religion
Now before anyone starts to get upset, no I am not going to be having a go at any religion in particular but stating a few observations. I'm also going to state here and now that my own beliefs to colour this piece. I'm an agnostic, this means that I believe there is the possibility of a God but we can never really know until we're dead and then that's a little late. In a way religion could be seen as a way for the human mind to cope with death and out own end, something we fear, but that a discussion for later.
So what is my problem with religion?
Well nothing as such, since we have no proof either way I see no issue with believing in an all-powerful super being watching over the world. Sure some religions have a lot of holes to poke at, like how such a being would give a damn about humanity, but they're still decent enough. My issue is squarely aimed at those who support a religion (or non-religion) and try to shove down the throats of others, because they've stated they don't share
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The Assassin
He is hidden the shadows
With a dagger in his hand
Waiting for the moment
To finish his task
He is a killer
Without remorse
Ready to die
For his master's cause
With a devil's mind
And lacking a heart
He'll strike you down
Without a second thought
There's nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run to
For the murders eyes
Will know how to find you
With a hawk's sight
He will see you
With a leopard's speed
He will catch you
With a mouse's fear
You can try to escape
With a human mistake
You can only hope to fail
In one swift movement
It is all over
In one final moment
You see his smile
He turns away
As the blood pools
His job is done
Your life is over
He is the assassin
A merciless sort
With senses sharp
And morals dull
:iconhallowedlady:Hallowedlady 2 9
A Hallowedlady review...again
Fable 3
Be warned there are spoilers ahead...MAJOR spoilers and possibly a little too much ranting involved so if you are a fan, then turn back now. Also note that I have indeed finished the game and brought the Limited Edition version, which has some fun little extras and missions. That said I feel as though I was cheated on this front, a point I'll get to later on because it is perhaps a big and rather unfair disappointment. I may sound mean and snobbish right now and I'll admit I did what is known as a speed run, but I think my views are well explained.
Firstly, let me get this out of the way before the actual review begins. Lionhead Studios, I do have some respect for your games and your skills at making them, but I have one massive request that will be good for everyone. Keep Peter Molyneux locked in a basement or some secure room during the pre-release of your games and do not allow him to say anything about said games. I know this sound harsh but hear me out, because it will be
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Another Hallowedlady review
Faery Legends of Avalon
Anyone in the arcade or indie stream has probably heard about Faery Legends of Avalon, most may have already brought and played it. Unless you own a PC, in which case you'll be getting in next year, which isn't that far off now, because of issue with steam. Having recently finished it on one play-through, and probably starting a second one soon, I thought now would be a time to review. Mainly because my other reviews are a little behind, also I just feel like reviewing something that can have a little bit of fun poked at it without much trouble.
Now as the game's title implies fairies play a huge role in the game and you actually play as one, unless you're a guy because then you get called an elf. As much as a relief this may be for any male that highly values his masculinity, it does seem rather inaccurate considering that their different creature. Yes one could easily argue that the root legends are very similar but when most hear Elf, they think of Legolas or
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A most Costly Mistake
The sound rapid gunfire echoed through the BLU base, mixing in with death cries and ripping flesh as a battle was waged between two groups of enemies. Most of the BLU troops were on the front lines and trying to prevent the REDs from setting a single foot inside the intelligence room, apart from one. One lone Pyro stood by a blue briefcase, with a flamethrower shaking in his hands as he waited for this terrifying storm to finally calm. Part of him just wished to rush out there and help his comrades, but each time he even thought of it the soldier's voice thundered in his mind.
'Don't let anyone near that case Gasmask, or it's your ass on the line!'
A lump of fear formed in his throat, he could still hear the anger and unhidden venom in their leader's voice. Solider had never fully trusted Pyro even since he failed to protect the Intel a few weeks ago, not that Pyro could really be blamed for that screw-up. The main problem was that Spies were just so very sneaky, with their ability to
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My Opinions
My Opinions
Please note, this is what I think and if anyone here is offended, well I'll be glad to debate it with you, as long as you are reasonable.
1) Abortion shouldn't be used because you have been irresponsible, there's a thing called adoption. However if the case is rape or mental/physical health complications of the mother and child (in the more the most extreme and life threatening situation), then it's necessary.
2) I am neither left nor right wing, I believe in doing what is best. However people do still need to have some freedom.
3) Capital Punishment is not a good solution. It costs more than life imprisonment and only serves as revenge, which isn't something a government should support.
4) While normally against flaming and trolling, there are those who need a good kick from reality. If that kick comes from an online community, so be it.
5) To people of all religions who are extreme in their beliefs. There is no proof that your way is the right way. Therefore I kindly ask
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Just Ask
My greatest challenge was asking for help, and not just because of my pride. It sounds easy, and is probably smarter than what I went through to avoid doing it, as well as being less distressing. To be frank, I've always hated the very idea of needing help, but sometimes the bullet must be bitten and you have to ask, or suffer in silence. I would never admit this until I got desperate, even then begrudgingly, because having help seemed so weak and silly, especially when coupled with the thought that no one else was struggling.
Sure the whole thing sounds dumb now, but back then I couldn't help but feel like the fool when I asked for help with an issue, and it wasn't just at school either. At home I never tried to ask my parents, or older brother, to explain something I didn't understand and just tried to find the information myself. Granted being able to research something isn't back, but when you get to a point where you won't openly admit you need help when it's painstakingly obvious
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Reoccurring themes in fiction by nation
Here's a topic I'm endlessly fascinated with. 
I'm asking all my beautiful watchers out there what their observations are on certain themes you keep seeing when you watch/read fiction of any genre from specific countries. What's something that one culture seems to bring up a lot that other's don't?
Now, I'm asking you guys to think DEEP. Really think about this. 
For example:
I've noticed that a lot of stories from the UK, be it sci-fi, comedy, or horror, almost always have the protagonists losing. Themes on punishment are really common, as are a loss/lack of control to something so powerful as to be completely untouchable.
Sometimes, in very very VERY recent stuff, there will be an ending that has a glimmer of hope but we rarely if ever see the results of that hope, just "Hey this thing MIGHT happen but the credits are rolling now you won't get to see it, sorry." Like they want to have a triumph but can't quite bring themselves to show it. 
Japan seems to be only intere
:iconromanjones:RomanJones 4 35
Fallout comics #45: Oswald Glitch :iconromanjones:RomanJones 59 20 Fallout Comics #44: Little Cars :iconromanjones:RomanJones 52 31 Bunny Meat 72: Sugar Snacks :iconromanjones:RomanJones 45 24 Arsen Valke :iconcoupleofkooks:coupleofkooks 333 23 Dishonored: This is my mark :iconcoupleofkooks:coupleofkooks 226 12
After years of copyright hidden hell, it returns
:iconromanjones:RomanJones 1 8


I'm not posting anything here anymore.

Honestly I've found better sites to post my writing on, so this account is mostly just for the sake of me looking at art I like. I'd planned to put up a few scraps here and there, but I think I'm better off just leaving it.

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